Care & Maintenance

To help minimize damage and unnecessary screen door repair, and to protect your investment, the following maintenance and care recommendations are provided to ensure the long-term enjoyment of your new Mirage Screen:

  • Regularly clean the bottom screen door track of debris, small stones and pet hair.
  • Annually clean tracks, housing and screen mesh with warm soapy water, and dry with a clean soft cloth
  • Following the annual screen door cleaning, lubricate the tracks with a good quality silicone spray lubricant.
  • In particularly high traffic or dusty areas, cleaning and lubrication will be needed more frequently.
  • The Mirage screen door comes with a visibility decal installed at eye level. The decal helps keep the screen more visible and prevents the screen door from being accidently walked into when in use.  Please leave this decal in place until your family becomes used to the screen.
  • Introduce your pets to the screen door and train them to respect it, as you would any other household fixture.
  • Retract the Mirage screen door into its housing when not in use. This will keep the screen from being damaged from the elements and help keep it clean.