Retractable Screen Doors


Mirage Retractable Doors Keep Pests Outside … and Bring Fresh Air Inside

Mirage Retractable Screens incorporate our “green” energy-efficient concept

Mirage Retractable Screens are designed utilizing a “green”, energy-efficient concept of increasing the cross-flow of fresh air into your home, while reducing the need for air-conditioning and the rising energy costs associated with it.

Mirage Double French Door Retractable Screen
Mirage retractable screens keep insects and pests outside, which allows for a safer, healthier indoor environment for your family

Mirage Retractable Screen systems are also designed to substantially reduce the invasion of insects, large allergens, and other outdoor pests into your home, thereby creating a healthier, comfortable environment for your and your family.

Exterior Double Retractable Screen Door
Attractive features include pet-friendly mesh, smooth glides and adjustable spring tension

Mirage Retractable Screen systems feature innovative technology including:

  • ultra smooth, self-lubricating, glides designed for minimal wear
  • adjustable spring tension for smooth closure without slamming
  • a superior powder-coating process, and corrosion resistance designed to withstand elements associated with coastal living
  • several child and pet-friendly reinforced mesh options
  • durable structural components including aluminum housing, pull bars and track, and stainless steel fasteners

Single Front Retractable DoorMirage Retractable Screen Systems are engineered for endurance. Mirage routinely cycle-tests its product 250,000 times, the equivalent of 69 years of use, if used 10 times daily.

Mirage Retractable Screens are also low-maintenance. Our annual maintenance plan is surprisingly simple and takes very little time:

  • clean and clear the tracks
  • vacuum the housing to remove dirt and debris
  • liberally spray the tracks and guides with our silicone spray lubricant.

For added peace-of-mind: Mirage Retractable Screen products are also compliant with Federal fire-resistance requirements.

At Mirage San Diego, we are concerned not merely with your initial satisfaction, but your long-term satisfaction, as well. Now that’s quality you can count on!

Beautiful Finish – A World of Screen Door Colors

7 Standard Screen Door Colors

Mirage offers seven (7) standard retractable screen door colors designed to enhance most residential doors and moulding colors.

Mirage Exterior Double Retractable Screen


10 Wood Grain Screen Door Colors 

Mirage provides 10 retractable screen door finishes in wood grain colors, which capture and enhance the beauty of your customized wood doors.

View our PDF on Wood Grain Colors ( PDF 110KB)

Ten Wood Grain finishes



Over 25 Diamond Series Designer Screen Door Colors

Mirage Screen Systems offers 25+ optional Diamond Series Designer colors for retractable screen doors featuring the latest shades in architectural and design trends. Please click on the link below for a pdf chart of our diamond series colors including Oyster Grey, Light and Dark Bronze Metallic, Charcoal, Metallic Silver, and dozens more customized color options.

View our PDF for Designer Colors ( PDF 243KB)

25 Designer (diamond series) colors are based on current design and architectural trends
25 Designer (diamond series) colors are based on current design and architectural trends

Mirage Retractable Screens has formulated a finish which is recognized as one of the toughest paint standards in the industry for UV compliance and salt spray resistance. The Mirage Retractable Screen finish is also externally certified. What does this mean? Beautiful color, which is designed for endurance. We stand behind the finish of our screen door products with the Mirage Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Are Mirage screen doors durable? Do they work on any door? Can Mirage retractable screens reduce my high energy costs? Yes! Yes! Yes! Simply click here for answers to many frequently asked questions about Mirage Retractable Screen doors.

Mirage San Diego is Locally Owned and Operated  

We are locally owned and operated, and ready to assist. Please contact us to learn more about the benefits of retractable screens. (Request a quote.) Our professional representatives are available at your convenience to meet with you to demonstrate our Mirage retractable screen doors, and discuss your individual requirements.

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